50 years ago at the White House, John F. Kennedy (JFK) met with Betty Miller, the first woman to cross the Pacific Ocean on a solo mission, who introduced him to her copilot, a troll doll named “Dammit.”

Kennedy meets with pilot Betty Miller, and “Dammit” her troll.

She made the historic flight in 1963. Specifically, she flew from Oakland, California to Brisbane, Australia, to deliver the plane (a twin-engine Piper) to a buyer.

Betty Miller (shown with troll) piloted a small plane 7,415 miles from Oakland, California to Brisbane, Australia.

The flight also made her the first woman to solo from Oakland, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. The total elapsed flying time for the flight over the Pacific was 51 hours, 38 minutes.

Miller shows Kennedy her route over the Pacific Ocean (with troll in hand).

In recognition of her flight, she received the Federal Aviation Administration’s Gold Medal for Exceptional Service from President Kennedy, and later President Johnson presented her with the Harmon International Trophy for Aviatrix of the Year.

Miller remains proud of her daring feat.

Sadly, JFK‘s reign as president ended later that year on November 22, 1963, when he was assassinated by an alleged conspiracy involving shooter Lee Harvey Oswald.

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