After years of dispute over code violations, a dilapidated apartment building where accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald briefly lived is coming down. Jane Bryant, whose Align LP owns and is trying to sell the property at 600 Elsbeth St. in north Oak Cliff, is under a court order to raze the structure by Friday. […]

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On November 29, 1963, one week after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, President Johnson issued an Executive Order to rename NASA’s Launch Operations Center as Kennedy Space Center, in his honor. Whereas President John F. Kennedy lighted the imagination of our people when he set the moon as our target and man as the means to […]

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After 49 years, Police Officer JD Tippit is finally being remembered with a memorial on the spot where Lee Harvey Oswald killed him after assassinating JFK. On the day of the president’s visit to Dallas, J.D. was working his usual beat in the Oak Cliff suburbs. He stopped home on a lunch break for what […]

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Did Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate President Kennedy? Or was there a conspiracy that killed JFK? Read Oswald’s own words before drawing your own conclusion. Lee Harvey Oswald was, of course, the man accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy. Did he gun down the thirty-fifth president with brutal precision? Or, in his own words, was […]

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On November 16, 1963—49 years ago—JFK visited the space center at Cape Canaveral. President Kennedy toured Cape Canaveral, Florida, Pad B, Complex 37, where he and Senator George Smathers of Florida were briefed on the Saturn rocket by Dr. Werner Von Braun (not pictured). Tragically, JFK would be assassinated less than a week later as […]

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On this date in 2013, Team Orbis from novel DESTINATION DEALEY: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy will time-travel fifty years into the past to save history. What if the snipers missed JFK and killed Jackie Kennedy instead? Read the daring new novel that flips the JFK assassination on its head! The story opens in a […]

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A new tribute to President John F. Kennedy will be unveiled Thursday in Fort Worth. The memorial reconnects the city with JFK’s trip there on November 22, 1963. Just hours before his untimely death, President Kennedy gave his penultimate speech at 8:45 am to a group assembled in a parking lot near the Texas Hotel […]

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52 years ago, on November 8, 1960, John F. Kennedy beat Richard M. Nixon in the presidential election, becoming the 35th American president. In the national popular vote, Kennedy beat Nixon by just one tenth of one percentage point (0.1%)–the closest popular-vote margin of the 20th century. Kennedy won by 303 electoral votes. The election […]

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On this date in 1955, Doctor Emmet L. Brown of “Back to the Future” fame conceives the idea of the flux capacitor after hitting his head during a fall. The device makes Time Travel possible. Thirty years later, Marty McFly will use his DeLorean time travel machine to travel back to 1955. For a thrilling […]

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In 1946, 66 years ago, JFK was elected to the House of Representatives from the 11th District of Massachusetts. In that year, US Representative James Michael Curley vacated his seat in the strongly Democratic 11th Congressional district in Massachusetts–at JFK’s father’s urging–to become mayor of Boston. John Kennedy ran for the seat, beating his Republican […]

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