49 years ago on December 24, 1963, Idlewild Airport in Queens, NY was renamed John F. Kennedy International Airport in honor of America’s 35th president. Kennedy had been assassinated as his motorcade rode through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, one month earlier, on November 22, 1963. JFK Airport is the busiest international air passenger gateway to […]

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December 16: Fifty-two years ago in 1960, JFK Appointed Brother RFK as Attorney General. In November 1959, Robert Kennedy became manager of his brother’s presidential campaign. Following the Kennedy victory, the President-elect tapped his brother, on December 16, 1960, to be Attorney General. John F. Kennedy‘s choice of Robert Kennedy as Attorney General was controversial, […]

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Photos of Christmas at the White House with President John F. Kennedy. The 35th President of the United States is seen here during his first Christmas season in office with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. On Dec. 13, 1961, the pair hosted a pre-Christmas party for White House staffers and their families. This Dec. 12, 1962 […]

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December 6, 1963: President Johnson (LBJ) presents the Medal of Freedom Award posthumously to President Kennedy (JFK) in the State Dining Room at the White House. JFK had tragically been assassinated by sniper gunfire one week earlier, and his Vice President, Lyndon Johnson, immediately became President. The Medal of Freedom was established in July 1945, […]

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You can own a piece of history through an eBay auction hawking components of Lee Harvey Oswald’s old Oak Cliff apartment in Dallas. Oswald and his family lived at the complex a mere four months, and no longer resided there at the time of the JFK Assassination. Oswald is, of course, the man accused of […]

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