New thriller novel, DESTINATION DEALEY: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy, features a 1950 Ford Coupe in a custom pink and black paint job.

The novel opens in a world where KGB snipers botched the JFK assassination fifty years ago, triggering a chronic Russian war. On the brink of Armageddon, a team of outlaws time-travels into history. To save the future, they must thwart the conspiracy and right the wrongs of the past.

'50 Ford Coupe

After arriving in 1963 Dallas, the team must procure cars as getaway vehicles. The Ford Coupe is one of their purchases.

Excerpt from Chapter 38:
“This”—Sam swept his arm dramatically—“is a 1950 Ford. A two-door Club Coupe, expertly customized by the former owner.” The other men flocked around him to ogle the vehicle. The nose was painted black, with the color swooping low and continuing to the rear. The roof and the rest of the body were a pale coral. A chrome strip separated the two colors.

“The owner also extended the rear bumper and added a spare tire housing. He used what’s known as a Continental Kit to create it.” Mimicking Quin and Jay, Sam kicked the tires as he continued around. “Here we also have whitewalls with fender skirts on the rear. But these tires have chrome hubcaps with flippers, meaning a style featuring spoke-like bars that reflect light when the vehicle is in motion.” Sam smiled knowingly, as if he were an expert on antique cars.

“And now for the pièce de résistance. See the tiny traffic light hanging in the rear window? The green light goes on when you hit the gas, red for the brake and amber for coasting.”

Read the first seven chapters of DESTINATION DEALEY here.

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One Response to “’50 Ford Coupe Featured in JFK Novel”

  1. Soussou says:

    Good questions. While they did proetct JFK heavily (he’s THE president after all) it was nowhere near today’s level of security. In fact it was JFK’s assassination that led to every president since having immense proetction. Careless? Let me tell you something, the back of the limo has two handles, each for a secret servicemen. NEITHER were on the car when Kennedy was shot, giving the gunman(s) the PERFECT shot Oswald involved? Probably. Conspiracy? Even more probable.

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