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'58 Chevy Impala Featured in JFK Novel

Blockbuster new novel, “DESTINATION DEALEY: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy,” features a ‘58 Chevy Impala Coupe in Tropical Turquoise.

The novel opens in a world where KGB snipers botched the JFK assassination fifty years ago, triggering a chronic Russian war. On the brink of Armageddon, a team of outlaws time-travels into history. To save the future, they must thwart the conspiracy and right the wrongs of the past.

Upon arriving in 1963 Dallas, the characters purchase used cars, including the Chevy Impala.

Excerpt from Chapter 38:
Quin sprang out. “Isn’t it a beaut? A ’58 Chevy Impala, two-door hardtop coupe. The factory name for this color is Tropical Turquoise. Cool, huh?” Both men walked around the car, kicking the chrome-hubcapped whitewalls in misguided macho fashion. “Check out the way the body extends halfway over the rear wheels. Those are called fender skirts, you know.”

Jay peered through the window and admired the three-tone interior—turquoise, silver, and black stripes on the seats with turquoise trim. Then he stepped back to take in the entire machine. “This thing looks like it can really fly.”

“You know it. Get a load of the engine.” Quin popped the hood. “It’s a big block 348-cubic-inch V8 with a four-barrel carburetor. That’s 280 horsepower. Not bad. Plus it’s an automatic. Even the girls can drive it.”

Read the first seven chapters of DESTINATION DEALEY here.

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