L.D.C. Fitzgerald is the author of blockbuster novel—SAVING JACKIE K—a thrilling adventure to save the First Lady. In writing a story with an unexpected twist on the Kennedy Conspiracy, Fitzgerald relentlessly researched the facts regarding the JFK assassination, and wove them into a fictional world. The author even consulted with renowned conspiracy experts, and scouted the hallowed grounds in Dallas.

Where does the fact end and the fiction begin?
“Everything in my novel is true, except the stuff I made up.” – L.D.C. Fitzgerald

The First Lady in Danger?

Jump into the Past to Save Her!


5 Responses to “About L.D.C. Fitzgerald”

  1. Wim Dankbaar says:

    Hello L.d.C. Just learned of your book,

    Do you know the story of Chauncey Holt?

    Wim Dankbaar


  2. author says:

    Thanks for stopping by! Not very familiar with the Chauncey Holt story, do tell.

  3. Wim Dankbaar says:

    Could you please email me?



  4. lee lasswell says:

    I have (non-released) info regarding JFK Assassination that might interest you. I have considered putting together a book, but I am not that accomplished as a writer.

    Please respond if interested when you get a chance.


  5. author says:

    Good for you!

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