LBJ Air Force OneRecently released audio tapes recorded on Air Force One in the aftermath of JFK’s Assassination are fanning the fire of the conspiracy debate. Conspiracy theorists will no doubt question why these tapes have remained secret for nearly fifty years.

Historian Robert Dallek says, “They [conspiracy theorists] continue to believe it was a conspiracy and again, they just can’t accept the proposition that a lone wolf, a single, and someone as dysfunctional as Lee Harvey Oswald, could have carried off this assassination of the president.”

In addition to content that may be interpreted as sinister, some conversations are chilling. In the tapes, new president LBJ tries to express condolences to Kennedy’s mother, Rose.

CBS News Article: Chilling Tape From AF One

Those of us who want to continue the assassination conversation welcome the release of the tapes nearly fifty years after the fact. Whether you are a diehard conspiracy theorist or a steadfast lone nut advocate, you’ll likely agree.

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