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Company that Supplied JFK Debate Chair Launches Candidate Posture Poll

Furniture company Lexington Modern supplied JFK with a special chair for his presidential debates with Richard Nixon in 1960. The debates were the first televised presidential debates in history, and marked a turning point in on-air presence for political candidates. JFK was lauded for his tan, relaxed appearance, while Nixon seemed pale and sickly.

“Prior to the debate,” explains Moshe Melamed co-owner of Lexington Modern “Kennedy had ordered these chairs to ease his aching back during the debate. It turned out to be one of those fortuitous moments in history. While sitting his posture was just better. He looked presidential.”

Hans Wegner "Presidential Debate" Round Dining Arm Chair

To celebrate Presidents Day, Lexington Modern is offering the “Presidential Debate” chair for a special price.

In addition, on their Facebook page they will be hosting a survey about posture. “We are asking people to vote on who they think has the most presidential posture,” Melamed said. “Governor Mitt Romney or Senator Rick Santorum. One participant will receive a chair so they can practice their own “presidential” posture at home.”

JFK and Nixon Sitting at Debate

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One Response to “Furniture Company that Supplied JFK’s Debate Chair Announces Candidate “Posture Poll””

  1. Anna says:

    We can hope and pray that the work and the vision of John F. Kennedy and his adiiristnatmon will continue to be studied and cherished but most of all, young or old (as I am) we, as a nation, must continue the aspirations and the dreams of this most important man. Thank you for these sites and may they fare well in the coming years.

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