Lee Harvey Oswald’s youngest daughter, Rachel, was only one month old in 1963 when her father allegedly killed President Kennedy, and was shot to death himself. Twenty-eight years later, she granted this TV interview.

  • Raised by her stepfather, Rachel Oswald Porter didn’t know who her birth father was as a young child.
  • Her mother, Marina Oswald Porter, kept the family secret for years.
  • She heard the name “Oswald” but said he was a mystery man in her household.
  • She discovered his true identity while sifting through newspaper clippings and mementos in the attic.

Marina Oswald with children June and Rachel

  • Rachel believes her father was “involved” in the Kennedy conspiracy, but does not believe he killed the president.
  • She uses her stepfather’s name, Porter, to avoid unwanted attention from being related to an infamous character.
  • If she could speak to her father, Lee Harvey Oswald, she would ask him, “How could you leave your wife and your two kids to carry this burden?”

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