In 1962, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, wife of President John F. Kennedy renovated the White House. The photos below show the redesigned bedrooms of the first family.

Believing that the White House lacked the majesty befitting the epicenter of government, Mrs. Kennedy committed herself to introducing culture and history to the home of the president. She planned numerous social events to which—alongside politicians, dignitaries, and diplomats—she invited scientists, musicians, artists, writers, and poets.

Jackie also initiated the first full-scale renovation of the White House in over a hundred years. In 1962, the First Lady took Americans on a televised tour through the famed building, in a savvy political move that impressed not just the US, but ultimately the world.

These archived photos of the 1962 Kennedy White House represent the private bedrooms of the first family: the Kennedy’s redesigned master bedroom, Caroline Kennedy’s bedroom (with rocking horse and canopy bed), and John Junior’s bedroom (with doll and canopy bed).

The Kennedy's Master Bedroom

The Kennedy's Master Bedroom

Caroline Kennedy's Bedroom

John Kennedy Junior's Bedroom

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