Author of JFK novel, “DESTINATION DEALEY: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy,” reveals the secrets of time travel, and who “babushka lady” was in the JFK assassination. And, which character in the novel resembles soccer star David Beckham. To find out, listen to the interview on Revolution Radio now!

Hint 1: The secret to time travel is that you move in TIME, but not in SPACE. In the interview, Fitzgerald explains how the novel’s characters need to build a space ship to travel through time. Listen to the interview for details!

"Are you telling me that you built a time machine ... out of a DeLorean? "

Hint 2: “Babushka Lady” is a well known figure from photos of Dealey Plaza on the day of the JFK Assassination. She is a woman standing on the infield wearing a scarf around her head like a Russian “babushka.” Fitzgerald explains that “Babushka Lady” is in fact a character from “DESTINATION DEALEY: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy.” Could it be female Anti-Matter Physicist Iggy Mikos?

"Babushka Lady" (see arrow) Witnesses the JFK's Assassination

Hint 3: Which character could carry off a shaved head and bomber jacket a la soccer star David Beckham? Could it be swashbuckling astronaut Quin Dylan? Listen to the interview to find out!

Separated at Birth: David Beckham and Quin Dylan?

What if the snipers missed JFK and killed Jackie Kennedy instead? Read the daring new novel that flips the JFK assassination on its head!

Find out who killed Kennedy in blockbuster new novel DESTINATION DEALEY: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy. e-Book now on sale for $2.99 !

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