Senator John F. Kennedy appears on the Jack Paar show in 1960, to promote his presidential campaign. During the clip the host asks JFK why he went into politics, and why he is running for president (see below).

Senator Kennedy and Talk Show Host Jack Paar

Kennedy also discusses the imminent threat of communism, and declares, “The US is the only guardian at the gate against communistic advance.” JFK was tragically assassinated by communist-leaning lone-nut Lee Harvey Oswald, three years later.

For a fictional account of JFK and his tragic assassination, check out “DESTINATION DEALEY: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy.”

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    One other thing from our visit a shot from the grassy knoll, tugohh much closer than the 6th floor, would have required signficant left to right angular tracking as the car was moving perpindicular to that location. The easier sequence of shots are from the building since almost no angular tracking would be needed as the car receeded on the gun line of sight down the road.

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