JFK‘s personal fragrance, “Eight & Bob,” has been brought back since its disappearance during World War II, and will be distributed in the US ahead of the 50th anniversary of JFK‘s assassination in November 1963.

Eight & Bob – JFK’s Personal Fragrance

While visiting France as a college student in 1937, John F. Kennedy spoke with a local perfumer about a scent the man was wearing.

The man, a perfumer, sent a sample to Kennedy‘s hotel.

JFK’s College Portrait

Upon returning to the US, JFK wrote to the perfumer, saying everyone loved the fragrance, and requested eight samples, plus one for Bob–meaning his brother, Robert F. Kennedy.

When the perfumer sent the samples, he labeled them “Eight & Bob.” Hollywood stars allegedly started asking for the unique blend.

Kennedy Brothers: John, Robert and Ted

When the perfumer died a few years later, the family butler continued making the blend until WWII began. He hid the bottles in hollowed out books to keep them from Nazis.

His family resumed production of the fragrance last year. Eight & Bob sells for $195, and is packaged inside a hollowed out hardcover book.

Sadly, Kennedy was assassinated three years into his presidency during a motorcade through Dallas in November 1963.

JFK Motorcade

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New Cover (Bright)

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