The original gravestone of alleged presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald currently resides at Historic Auto Attractions in Roscoe, Illinois. The museum, owned by Wayne Lensing, has been home the unusual artifact since 2009. But David Card of Texas claims that the historic marker rightfully belongs to his family.

Historic Auto Attractions in Roscoe

The twisted story is this. Oswald’s original marker (shown above), was stolen from the cemetery four years after his death. Police recovered the stone, and returned it to his mother, Marguerite. To prevent future incidents, she kept the stone and replaced it with a marker simply stating “Oswald.”

The stone remained hidden in her house until Card’s family bought the home. One of his relatives later reportedly sold the stone without permission, thus sparking the lawsuit with the Roscoe museum.

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In another bizarre turn, the cemetery plot next to Oswald’s is reportedly empty–purchased by a local comedian. He famously erected a stone saying “Nick Beef,” in order to help sightseers to find the correct location, without alerting the cemetery staff (who undoubtedly see through this ploy after so many years.)

Oswald's Grave

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