You can own a piece of history through an eBay auction hawking components of Lee Harvey Oswald’s old Oak Cliff apartment in Dallas. Oswald and his family lived at the complex a mere four months, and no longer resided there at the time of the JFK Assassination.

Oswald is, of course, the man accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy.

The apartment building, located at 600 Elsbeth Street in Dallas, was demolished last week, and the owner decided to sell its red bricks as cultural artifacts.

600 Elsbeth Street, Oak Cliff — apartment building where Lee Harvey Oswald once lived

The bricks sold out almost immediately, but other items –- like the 1925 cast iron bathtub from Oswald’s Unit #2; and original 1925 windows from the building, but not necessarily Oswald’s unit, –- are all available in varying stages of disrepair for a few lucky history buffs.

Lee Harvey Oswald was in turn killed by Jack Ruby two days after his arrest.

Jack Ruby kills Lee Harvey Oswald

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