Central Intelligence Agency CIA The CIA had several widely known conflicts with President Kennedy, despite the fact that his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, effectively had authority over the Agency. Would these be enough for the Agency to kill the president and organize a massive cover-up? Early in JFK’s presidency, the failed Bay of Pigs […]

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According to newly declassified documents from the JFK files, the CIA received reports in the 1950’s that Adolf Hitler had escaped Germany and was living among former Nazi’s in Colombia. The CIA’s bureau chief in Venezuela had passed the information onto his superiors, along with a picture of a man “who strongly resembled and claimed […]

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Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI Saving Jackie K is an action-packed adventure about an outlaw team that jumps back in time to save First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy from political assassins. In reality, her husband John F. Kennedy succumbed to sniper fire as his motorcade rode through Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Although Lee Harvey Oswald was […]

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Central Intelligence Agency CIA Thriller novel, Saving Jackie K, explores a fictional universe where the JFK conspiracy plot failed, and Jackie Kennedy was killed by mistake. In the factual universe, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. Some conspiracy theorists blame the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for orchestrating the coup. The […]

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