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Kennedy Family Archives - Page 2 of 5 - L.D.C. Fitzgerald, JFK Novelist

Fantastic video of JFK‘s Presidential Yacht, Honey Fitz, now restored for charitable use. When Kennedy entered the Oval Office, he acquired and renamed the presidential yacht, previously used by Eisenhower. He called her Honey Fitz—the nickname of his beloved maternal grandfather, John Francis Fitzgerald, a two-time mayor of Boston. And as Kennedy enjoyed the yacht […]

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Jackie Kennedy Fashion Icon Saving Jackie K is an action-adventure novel that springs from a dark premise – what if the political assassins killed Jacqueline Kennedy instead of her husband? In the real world, Jacqueline Kennedy was renowned as a fashion icon for women all over the world. She retained French-born American fashion designer and […]

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Jackie Kennedy In Saving Jackie K, fate examines a scenario where the snipers missed and JFK lived, while his wife succumbed to the conspiracy plot. Who was Jackie K in real life? Born on July 28, 1929 to a wealthy Southampton NY family, Jackie Lee Bouvier was an accomplished equestrian who maintained a lifelong interest […]

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These Rare photographs show President John F. Kennedy unwinding with his family at the presidential retreat at Camp David. The Kennedy Presidential Library posted the photos 50 years after the Kennedy clan was captured enjoying some fresh air at the rustic Naval fortress in Frederick County, Maryland on March 31, 1963. Below, John F. Kennedy, […]

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John F. Kennedy‘s former presidential yacht, now owned by a Texas oilman, will be used to raise funds for an effort to house homeless veterans in North Charleston, when the boat is in Charleston on Memorial Day weekend. “Heroes Haven” will be able to offer charter cruise rides to about 120 people, half on the […]

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Eight venues in Argenta, Arkansas are opening a six-day exhibit of archival photographs of President John F. Kennedy, JFK, grouped by family, policy, the space race, his assassination and more. The display, presented by North Little Rock-based Rogers Photo Archives and Argenta Images, will feature a number of rarely and never-before-seen images of the president […]

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On March 13, 1939, the Kennedy family attends the coronation of Pope Pius XII. John F. Kennedy‘s father, Joseph Kennedy, served as United States Ambassador to Great Britain at the time. Afterwards, young John Kennedy travels through Germany, Poland and Russia on the eve of World War II, reporting to his father on the imminence […]

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On January 14, 1964, less than two month after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (JFK), Jackie Kennedy publicly thanks sympathizers. The former First Lady expresses her gratitude to the hundreds of thousands who sent their condolences after the murder of her husband, President Kennedy. What if the snipers missed JFK and killed Jackie […]

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December 16: Fifty-two years ago in 1960, JFK Appointed Brother RFK as Attorney General. In November 1959, Robert Kennedy became manager of his brother’s presidential campaign. Following the Kennedy victory, the President-elect tapped his brother, on December 16, 1960, to be Attorney General. John F. Kennedy‘s choice of Robert Kennedy as Attorney General was controversial, […]

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Photos of Christmas at the White House with President John F. Kennedy. The 35th President of the United States is seen here during his first Christmas season in office with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. On Dec. 13, 1961, the pair hosted a pre-Christmas party for White House staffers and their families. This Dec. 12, 1962 […]

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