On this date in 1955, Doctor Emmet L. Brown of “Back to the Future” fame conceives the idea of the flux capacitor after hitting his head during a fall. The device makes Time Travel possible. Thirty years later, Marty McFly will use his DeLorean time travel machine to travel back to 1955. For a thrilling […]

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In July 1994, major new movie Forrest Gump was released. In it, unlikely hero Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) meets President Kennedy, after being named to the All-American football team. In splicing in real footage of JFK with actors, Forrest shakes hands with the president. When asks how he feels, he famously replies “I gotta pee.” […]

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TV show host Glenn Beck is now broadcasting from a studio set made to look like JFK’s Oval Office. The set had previously been used in the movie “JFK”, and Glenn and his team refurbished it and incorporated it into his “Dream Labs” set. “JFK” was Oliver Stone’s epic conspiracy film from 1991 on the […]

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Finally, for doubters who thought the ‘truth’ would never come out! The “X-Men: First Class” movie sequel may explain the magic bullet theory from the JFK Assassination. Take that, Oliver Stone! Apparently, X-Man ‘Magneto’ was on the grassy knoll and manipulated the bullet that struck both President Kennedy and Governor Connally. So, does that mean […]

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