As the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy‘s assassination nears, the wedding band of shooter Lee Harvey Oswald is going up for auction. Oswald‘s gold wedding band will be auctioned in Boston on October 24–one week after what would have been the alleged assassin’s 74th birthday. The ring will be accompanied by a five-page […]

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The house where Lee Harvey Oswald lived when he was arrested and charged with killing President Kennedy will soon be up for sale. The residence at 1026 North Beckley Ave. in Dallas should attract some interest, as it has for half a century. Oswald rented an elfin room there for a few months in 1963. […]

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Mrs. Ruth Hyde Paine Suspect JFK Assassination Suspects – Ruth Paine In 1963, Mrs. Ruth Paine was living in Irving, Texas in a tiny white ranch house dwarfed by a sprawling live oak tree on the front lawn. The mini-kitchen inside contained not only a stove and refrigerator, but also a washing machine and ironing […]

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Rare artifacts from the JFK assassination are going on display in Washington, including the home video camera used by dressmaker Abraham Zapruder, who unwittingly recorded the assassination. More than 100 rarely seen objects will be on display, including the 8 mm movie camera used by Abraham Zapruder, who was the only eyewitness to capture the […]

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Marina Prusakova, the woman who would marry infamous assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, was born in Molotovsk, Russia in 1941. When she turned sixteen, she to moved Minsk to live with her uncle, and gained employment as a hospital pharmacy worker. In March of 1961, nineteen-year-old Marina met twenty-one-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald at a dance hall. […]

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After years of dispute over code violations, a dilapidated apartment building where accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald briefly lived is coming down. Jane Bryant, whose Align LP owns and is trying to sell the property at 600 Elsbeth St. in north Oak Cliff, is under a court order to raze the structure by Friday. […]

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Popular viral video of Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Check out Oswald’s bizarre Hitler-like mustache. Hear Oswald’s own words. Listen to Ruth Paine, his wife’s friend, describe Oswald. For a thrilling fictional account of the assassination of JFK, check out blockbuster new novel, DESTINATION DEALEY: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy.

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In 1963, Mrs. Ruth Paine shared her modest two-bedroom ranch house with Lee Harvey Oswald’s wife, Marina.  The rifle that Oswald allegedly used to assassinate President Kennedy was stored in her garage.   Read more about Mrs. Paine: Biography on Mrs. Paine  

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